Redevelopment marks major milestone: “We’re creating more than just a building; we’re creating a community hub at the heart of east Toronto.”

Redevelopment marks major milestone: “We’re creating more than just a building; we’re creating a community hub at the heart of east Toronto.”

By: Robert Orr, VP Redevelopment
I am very pleased to announce that Michael Garron Hospital and EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare (EDIH) achieved Financial Close on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. This is no doubt the largest single contract in our 89 year history.

Sarah Downey, President and CEO and Mark Trachuk, MGH Board Chair signing the Project Agreement

This milestone marks the end of a long provincial procurement process and the beginning of construction of our new building. Construction startup will not be immediate as there are many initial site works projects to complete, including installing a new oxygen concentrator and rerouting the main hospital sewer pipes before they can begin “the big dig” (excavation for our underground parking). Preparations for the big dig should begin summer 2018, however further details will follow as EllisDon develops their schedule.


We’re building more than just another building

Today, we launch into a new phase with our partners EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare and Infrastructure Ontario.

Artistic rendering looking southwest at Michael Garron Hospital (image subject to change)

EDIH’s corporate slogan “we build on great relationships” really complements our corporate vision to “Create Health, Build Community”. Together, we’ll be creating more than just a building – we’ll be creating a community hub at the heart of east Toronto. As Sarah Downey said in today’s press release:
“…Once complete, our facility will have more single patient bedrooms, consolidated clinic spaces, lush community gardens, and a large retail area off the main lobby. The design will also incorporate architectural elements which welcome diversity, harness natural light and facilitate a positive patient and family experience. I’m so proud of this project as well as the teams that worked tirelessly to get us here and look forward to all the benefits this project will bring to the future of care at Michael Garron Hospital.”

What Happens Next?

Now that the contract has been signed, EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare will begin preparations for construction. Initial site works will get underway immediately and major construction should commence in summer 2018.
At the same time, EllisDon’s architect will begin final Design Development with our various stakeholders; creating the final set of drawings that will be used to build our building. This phase will help guide and inform the details of every space – from furniture and equipment to fixtures and finishes. This refinement phase runs until October and will include another round of mock-up rooms for staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, families and community members to tour and provide feedback.
Thank you to everyone who has dedicated their time and efforts to help us achieve this important milestone in our Hospital’s history. I look forward to bringing you more updates in the coming months.

‘If you like it, put a ring on it’: preferred proponent selected for Michael Garron Hospital’s redevelopment project

‘If you like it, put a ring on it’: preferred proponent selected for Michael Garron Hospital’s redevelopment project

By Robert Orr Vice President, Redevelopment

It has been almost two and half years since I joined the Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) family and I must say it has been the most rewarding and exciting time of my entire career.

Reaching today’s milestone, the formalization of the preferred proponent for our redevelopment project, is especially significant.

After a rigorous 10 month design & evaluation period, I’m pleased to announce that EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare has been selected as the preferred proponent to design, build, and finance our redevelopment project.

If you like it, put a ring on it

Overall, we were very impressed with the caliber of submissions from all the teams who bid on our project – Walsh Toronto East Health Partners, PCL Partnership & EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare. They all tried very hard to understand our organization and to bring forward their best proposal for our consideration.

I’ve often thought big projects like ours proceed in a similar way to relationships. At first we created our specifications; a lot like setting up an account on a dating site. Then we issued our Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to select three bidders; similar to identifying those on the dating site with “potential”. During the open period last spring/summer we spent a lot of time with the three bidders refining their designs; much like dating the top candidates. During evaluations last fall we determined which bidder had the highest score; a lot like deciding who will be the love of your life. Identifying the preferred proponent for our project is a lot like putting a ring on their finger; and we’ll be committing to getting married this February when we close the deal.

Flashback close to 90 years ago, Michael Garron Hospital opened its door to the community with D wing. This year, the campus will be transformed once again. (Photo:MGH)

The EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare team is comprised of the following companies:
• Design Build: EllisDon Design Build Inc.
• Design Team: B+H Architects and Diamond Schmitt Architects
• Financial Advisor: EllisDon Capital

We couldn’t have reached this point without the tremendous input and expertise of our physicians, staff, volunteers, patients and community who were involved in the many meetings and planning sessions leading up to this announcement. I’d also like to recognize the outstanding groups of people in the redevelopment, facilities and finance departments whose unwavering dedication has ensured our project’s success.

This is a very exciting time for the hospital and the East Toronto community. As Sarah Downey President & CEO said in the news release issued this morning:

“Today marks a tremendous milestone for our community! Our main hospital campus, which has been serving east Toronto since 1929, is aging and due for a major renewal. Our redevelopment will make a significant difference to patients, neighbours, staff, physicians and volunteers. The design embraces our rich history, incorporates best practices and paves the way for our continued success delivering outstanding care. We look forward to working with EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare to reach a final contract and begin construction on this monumental project. Together we will build more than just a hospital. Our campus will be transformed into a community hub that not only creates health but is able to support individuals to live to their full potential throughout the continuum of care.”

Infrastructure Ontario and Michael Garron Hospital will now work to finalize contract details with EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare. The project is expected to reach commercial close and financial close in the coming months and then construction will start soon after.

To learn more about Michael Garron Hospital’s redevelopment project plans and meet the team, please join us at the:

Staff, physician & volunteer open house:
• Wednesday February 14, 2018
• F-wing, 5th floor, 825 Coxwell Avenue
• 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Together, let’s celebrate the accomplishments we have achieved and look forward to commencing our redevelopment project this year.

Another Step Closer to our New Building!

Another Step Closer to our New Building!

By Robert Orr
Vice President, Redevelopment
I’m thrilled to share that as of 7:30 p.m. last evening, our redevelopment project Request for Proposals went live on the government’s procurement website, followed by a press release that was issued at 9:00 a.m. this morning. The three bidders that were selected last summer now have our design documents and will begin preparing their proposals to build our new building.
A big thank you to everyone at MGH for your support and hard work in helping the organization achieve this significant milestone!
So what’s next for MGH?
Over the six months, we will be working closely with Infrastructure Ontario and attending over 100 bidder meetings to ensure each of our three bidders has the information they require. Many clinical and support key staff members will be asked to participate. Bidder proposals will be received in early August, followed by five months of evaluation with contracts being signed in January 2018. Construction will begin shortly thereafter.
The Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre will be the largest construction project in the history of our hospital. A cornerstone enabler to our mission; Create Health, Build Community.
If you’d like to learn more about Michael Garron Hospital’s redevelopment project and celebrate this exciting milestone, please join us next week. We’ll be hosting an Open House on F5 next Friday February 10th, 2017 from 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. There will be prizes, treats & refreshments and all staff, physicians and volunteers are encouraged to attend.

A Major Milestone on our Redevelopment Journey

A Major Milestone on our Redevelopment Journey

By Robert Orr, VP Redevelopment
Michael Garron Hospital’s redevelopment project reached a major milestone this week – our Request for Qualifications, also known as the RFQ has been released to market.
But what does this milestone mean?
Picture MGH’s redevelopment project as a cross country train ride. Over the past several years we have been setting the itinerary, checking items off to do lists and packing our bags. The release of our RFQ is equivalent to a train leaving the station! We are finally on our way towards our destination – the Ken and Marilyn Thomson new Patient Care Centre.
Over the next couple of months, potential applicants will board our train to present their qualifications and tell us why THEY’RE the right team to build our project. Through a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by Infrastructure Ontario, our partners in this process, we will select the top three teams who will be invited to bid on our project. The selection process will consider each bid teams design, construction and financial strengths that are required to deliver a project of this size and complexity.
All these milestones are extremely important to our overall, redevelopment journey.
In early fall, we will have selected our three Bidders and continue steaming full speed towards the next milestone, the release of our Request for Proposals or RFP. Our RFP will be issued in early 2017, where we will ask the three teams to prepare and submit their designs and cost to build our project. Again, Infrastructure Ontario will guide us through an even more complex evaluation process to select our winning bidder, which will finalized in fall 2017 by another key milestone called “Financial Close”. Financial Close is the equivalent of signing the Offer to Purchase when buying a home.
The winning Bidder will be responsible for getting us to our final destination, the Ken and Marilyn Thomson new Patient Care Centre! Throughout the entire journey members of our redevelopment team will be consulting with staff, physicians, volunteers and the greater community to ensure that we stay on the right course and that the new Centre is built to meet everyone’s needs.
Ground breaking for the new Patient Care Centre project is currently scheduled to begin in early 2018. Once built, the Patient Care Centre will help us to continue providing exceptional patient care to those living in east Toronto for generations to come.
Myself and the entire Redevelopment Team, are very excited and at the same time, thankful to have been granted the privilege to be on this ride with each and every one of you. ALL ABOARD!
For more information about the RFQ release click here

Have your say in what we serve

Have your say in what we serve

By Robert Orr, VP Redevelopment
As you’ve probably heard by now, our hospital is planning a major redevelopment. Part of the project will include an expansive new front entrance and inviting retail food service area. To help inform our plans for the redevelopment, we are asking for feedback from our staff, patients and the greater community!
As a community teaching hospital, we pride ourselves in being a health and wellness resource for East Toronto. The redevelopment team’s vision for the new Patient Care Centre is that the facility will not only promote the delivery of exceptional care, but will also satisfy the food and retail needs of our staff, patients and the greater community.
Food can be a powerful catalyst; sitting down and breaking bread together strengthens our ties as well as providing comfort in times of stress.
We want the new Patient Care Centre to be a retail hub that provides options that match our staff and community preferences and encourages friends, family and colleagues to congregate. We want to create an atmosphere that brings our communities together.
In order to achieve this vision, we need to understand the food and retail preferences of our consumers. Your response to the survey below will help us to understand how you’re currently using existing services, as well as changes and additional goods and services you would like to see in five years when the Patient Care Centre opens its doors.
Staff, Physicians and Volunteer Survey
Patients, Visitors and Community Survey
The surveys will be open until Wednesday March 2nd 2016
Thank you in advance for your participation. We appreciate your insights and observations.

Making sure we’re all in the same boat…

Making sure we’re all in the same boat…

By Robert Orr, VP Redevelopment
I’ve always found projects fascinating.
One of my earliest memories is of my father building a 19’ wooden sailboat in our living room when I was 6 years old. I would sit and watch him for hours meticulously planning and gluing the wood boards so they fit together perfectly. I also remember being puzzled that my mother was a lot less enthralled about the whole thing than I was. It was probably my earliest lesson in project management: If you want happy stakeholders, you better make damn sure everybody is “in the boat” so to speak….
The Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre (aka New Patient Care Tower) will be the largest redevelopment project in TEGH’s 86 year history. Although our redevelopment journey will be long, and at times disruptive – another year of planning followed by six years of heavy construction and renovation – it will be worth it!
This project will forever change our organization and the care we provide to our community.
Large health care projects like this come along once in a lifetime, so it’s very important that we get it right. Our redevelopment team has been working hard to ensure the building design will meet our needs both now and for generations to come.
One of the ways we make sure the design is right is by soliciting lots of feedback. For those clinical staff who have attended our many planning sessions or visited our mock-up rooms, thank you! Your contribution is much appreciated and essential to this process. We’re also striving to have ongoing consultations with patients, neighbours and local community groups to collect their comments and incorporate their ideas into plans for the project.
By partnering with the people we serve we’re strengthening our ties and bringing us closer as a community.
As Sarah Downey, CEO said, it takes a village…
The redevelopment team is also striving to minimize future construction risks. One way we’re doing this is by making sure there are no surprises behind the walls or above the ceilings. You may have noticed an increase in workers on ladders looking into ceiling spaces or stalking the basement hallways following pipes and wires. These consultants are proactively mapping out the intricacies of our existing hospital to identify conditions that could cause problems during our project’s demolition, construction and transition.
The process ahead is a long but exciting one. Collectively we have an opportunity to design and build a facility that will support the best patient centered care for our community. If you have any questions or need help getting onboard the redevelopment project, please email . The redevelopment team and I look forward to setting sail with you!
Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre (High Res)