Redevelopment marks major milestone: “We’re creating more than just a building; we’re creating a community hub at the heart of east Toronto.”

By: Robert Orr, VP Redevelopment
I am very pleased to announce that Michael Garron Hospital and EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare (EDIH) achieved Financial Close on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. This is no doubt the largest single contract in our 89 year history.

Sarah Downey, President and CEO and Mark Trachuk, MGH Board Chair signing the Project Agreement

This milestone marks the end of a long provincial procurement process and the beginning of construction of our new building. Construction startup will not be immediate as there are many initial site works projects to complete, including installing a new oxygen concentrator and rerouting the main hospital sewer pipes before they can begin “the big dig” (excavation for our underground parking). Preparations for the big dig should begin summer 2018, however further details will follow as EllisDon develops their schedule.


We’re building more than just another building

Today, we launch into a new phase with our partners EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare and Infrastructure Ontario.

Artistic rendering looking southwest at Michael Garron Hospital (image subject to change)

EDIH’s corporate slogan “we build on great relationships” really complements our corporate vision to “Create Health, Build Community”. Together, we’ll be creating more than just a building – we’ll be creating a community hub at the heart of east Toronto. As Sarah Downey said in today’s press release:
“…Once complete, our facility will have more single patient bedrooms, consolidated clinic spaces, lush community gardens, and a large retail area off the main lobby. The design will also incorporate architectural elements which welcome diversity, harness natural light and facilitate a positive patient and family experience. I’m so proud of this project as well as the teams that worked tirelessly to get us here and look forward to all the benefits this project will bring to the future of care at Michael Garron Hospital.”

What Happens Next?

Now that the contract has been signed, EllisDon Infrastructure Healthcare will begin preparations for construction. Initial site works will get underway immediately and major construction should commence in summer 2018.
At the same time, EllisDon’s architect will begin final Design Development with our various stakeholders; creating the final set of drawings that will be used to build our building. This phase will help guide and inform the details of every space – from furniture and equipment to fixtures and finishes. This refinement phase runs until October and will include another round of mock-up rooms for staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, families and community members to tour and provide feedback.
Thank you to everyone who has dedicated their time and efforts to help us achieve this important milestone in our Hospital’s history. I look forward to bringing you more updates in the coming months.

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