Choosing your attitude: “We are all responsible for our own attitude. I choose mine.”

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By: Adele Desmond, Clerical Leadhand, Patient Access Services

When you’ve worked for the same organization for 17 years or so, you’re bound to have several experiences, adventures, and life stories to share.

As the Clerical Leadhand in Patient Access Services, I regularly spend my time registering patients, entering payroll, updating our employee schedule, work lists, inventory and supply updates as well as share current events, responsibilities and processes.  The position itself is not free from incidents, challenges or conflicts, however, still the same, it’s a rewarding experience.

‘We are all responsible for our own attitude’

When it comes to choosing our attitude in the workplace, with people we interact with on a daily basis, our outlook and behaviours can become influential, encouraging, and sometimes can get personal.

While everyone is entitled to their emotions and belief systems, our actions and the way we behave can make the difference between having a good day or a bad day for the people around us.  We all face challenges or upsets from time to time, and how we react to these challenges is a choice that we become accountable for.

I always try to bring compassion and empathy to the job first.  Everyone has their own story and sometimes, those stories don’t need to be shared.  It’s best just to bring the right attitude to work.  We can’t change people, but I’m sure we can encourage the right behaviours in the workplace, by having the right attitudes!

‘The little things’

I feel fortunate to work with such a great team in a good working environment.  I have a lot of good days, and that’s because of my team, our efforts, and the positive attitudes shared by many.

It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.  A colleague that smiles at me and says ‘we missed you yesterday’ or witnessing my colleagues thanking each other at the end of shift for a productive day – or pausing to say ‘good morning’ even on the busiest of days to  acknowledge that you’ve noticed your co-worker.

My favourite quotes include; “It’s not your aptitude, but your attitude that will help you reach your altitude,” and “A bad attitude is like a flat tire…you can’t go anywhere until you change it.”

Choosing the right attitude is easy when you feel valued, appreciated, noticed and included.

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