A Greener and More Energy Efficient Future for Michael Garron Hospital

By: Sarah Chow, Vice President Corporate Support & Chief Financial Officer
In my personal life, I have long been an advocate of pursuing and living in an environmentally-friendly manner. I try to minimize garbage and reduce my energy usage as much as possible. I always embrace the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – in that order whenever I can.
As Vice President of Corporate Support & Chief Financial Officer at Michael Garron Hospital, I have an opportunity to expand this commitment within my professional role. I firmly believe that, as a hospital, we have an obligation to ‘do no harm’ and that this extends to being good public stewards, both financially and environmentally.
To become ‘greener’ you sometimes have to spend money up front in order to see returns down the road – both a healthier environment and a better bottom line. The replacement of our cooling tower is an excellent example. This investment has contributed not only to Ontario’s conservation energy targets, for which we have been awarded an incentive cheque of nearly $200,000 from Toronto Hydro, but will increase efficiencies and reduce utility expenses for our hospital into the foreseeable future.
I’m proud of our other recent greening successes, including The Energy Efficiency Leadership Award from Greening Health Care, and the gold seal of recognition from the Green Hospital Scorecard initiative.
It’s important to remember that it is not just our facility services team who are responsible for ensuring we continue down this path of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility – it lies in the hands of all of us!
I’m committed to doing my part and hope you will too.
Please try to reduce unnecessary energy usage every day – by turning off lights, computers and unused equipment – but pay particular attention on days when you receive a ‘potential high energy use day’ email, because staying under our target on these days could mean considerable cost savings for the hospital.
Rather than having our scarce resources go to keeping the lights on, let’s all commit to thinking and acting ‘greener’. Everyone who works in our caring profession wants the same thing – more resources to facilitate improved patient care – and this is one tangible way that we can all help to make that a reality!

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