Michael Garron Hospital Redefined – Our New Brand

By Sarah Downey President & CEO
Today we celebrated a very special birthday – 88 years as east Toronto’s community hospital – and a new defining moment in our history as we announced our new vision, logo, colours and brand.
It’s been just over a year since we received the incredible $50M gift from the Garron family and changed our name to the Toronto East Health Network, with our hospital campus being called the Michael Garron Hospital.
This gift and the completion of our last strategic plan provided an opportunity to update our brand and to engage with our stakeholders to take pulse of how best to describe ourselves. During the process we spoke to and engaged hundreds of people both inside and outside the hospital walls, including many of you.
What we heard was remarkably consistent.
We heard that “community” is the number one word identified with us and that we need to help improve the lives of those in our community, not just treat their illnesses, by working with our partners to improve their economic and social conditions.
Today, Michael Garron Hospital will continue its role as an anchor in east Toronto – a source of pride and inspiration for those who call our community, home.
We will be guided by a renewed vision as we move forward:
Create Health. Build Community.
It’s simple, yet powerful. It’s our “why” and what motivates us.
Creating health symbolizes our commitment to helping people live to their full potential – mentally, spiritually, physically and socially.
Through creating health we will foster a strong community. Both are inextricably linked, which in fact defines our new corporate mission:
“Our community inspires us to deliver exemplary care, develop innovative partnerships and mentor the next generation of health care providers. Together we will make a difference and change the face of health in East Toronto and beyond.”
Our new logo and colours are the visual representation of these ideas, which show our hospital reflected onto the community and the community reflected on us – representing the idea of working together to create something new.
The logo’s principle colour – “Greenery” is fresh and bold, symbolic of renewal, growth and rebirth.
Our logo will develop more meaning for all of us as we begin to live our new vision, mission and values – Compassion, Integrity, Courage, and Accountability.
Together they will enable us to lay the foundation for good health for the next generation.
Speaking of the next generation, click here to see what they have to say about Michael Garron Hospital and its new logo!

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