A Defining Moment in Our History

By Mitze Mourinho

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the historic rededication of our hospital as “Michael Garron Hospital”. It’s been an extraordinary and inspiring year for all of us. The interest and support garnered by the landmark donation has been truly remarkable. I am privileged to hear from so many about how they have been moved by the Garrons’ poignant tribute to Michael; and their incredible investment in our hospital and our community.
This high-profile partnership is opening important doors, allowing us to bring the hospital’s narrative to decision-makers and philanthropic leaders across the city. In particular, the Garrons’ matching gift is already inspiring significant contributions from others, as they learn that the impact of their gifts will be doubled.
While we are exceedingly proud of our history of serving this community, we are working diligently at advancing our place as a leading community hospital that creates health and builds community among Toronto’s most vulnerable.
Advancements in ways to diagnose, treat and care for patients require ongoing investments in medical equipment and technology to keep us at the forefront. We are already seeing the impact of the Garrons’ investments in us, with the fulfillment the first phase of priority equipment needs – including the 11 new ICU ventilators, which arrived in November, a refurbished spinal table, and our Holmium Laser that has already treated over 180 patients. We are awaiting 20 new patient beds scheduled for arrival in February, including a bariatric bed and in the summer, a top-of-the-line, low-dose CT scanner.

In early January, we will be launching the new logo for Michael Garron Hospital. Hundreds of physicians, staff and volunteers have had input into the creative process. We have developed an accessible, modern look and feel that conveys our focus as a hospital for our diverse community. It is bold and unique in the health care industry, and we will soon have all our collateral materials in place to further promote this new look.
It’s incredible to think about all our hospital community has accomplished over this past year, and I look forward to continuing our work together over the next 12 months and all the amazing achievements to come.

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