Into the Warm Heart of Africa

Guest blogger: Dr. Rajiv Singal, Urologist & Surgeon, MGH
Recently, I had the opportunity to share my medical expertise on the other side of the world in Malawi, a dusty, hot, sub-Saharan African country. As a urologist and surgeon practicing at Michael Garron Hospital, I’m proud of the care we provide. The Canadian health care system is not perfect, but in contrast to other parts of the world, our system provides access to all who come through our doors.
My work as a board member for Digitas International, a medical and research organization dedicated to improving health care for people facing a high burden of disease and unequal access to services, certainly showed me ways where and how I could give back and share my medical training and expertise.
I came to Malawi in my own personal attempt to understand what urology and surgery in a resource country might look like – and with the ultimate goal to improve training and leave something sustainable.
In terms of wealth, the people of Malawi are relatively poor, but rich in friendliness and hospitality. Almost everywhere I visited, I was met with warmth. They teasingly smile when I say “Mulibwanji” (hello) or “Zikomo” (thank you.) And despite the obvious lack of resources, there’s an abundance of compassion, dedication and a quiet grace and dignity with which most people live their lives.
I was indeed inspired by my two-week sojourn into the warm heart of Africa.
For me, learning is lifelong. Growing means sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone and taking chances. I was given the gift of this wonderful adventure and opportunity and now I’d like to share it with you through my blog posts. I hope you enjoy my adventure and reflection and apply it to your practice too.
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