A Major Milestone on our Redevelopment Journey

By Robert Orr, VP Redevelopment
Michael Garron Hospital’s redevelopment project reached a major milestone this week – our Request for Qualifications, also known as the RFQ has been released to market.
But what does this milestone mean?
Picture MGH’s redevelopment project as a cross country train ride. Over the past several years we have been setting the itinerary, checking items off to do lists and packing our bags. The release of our RFQ is equivalent to a train leaving the station! We are finally on our way towards our destination – the Ken and Marilyn Thomson new Patient Care Centre.
Over the next couple of months, potential applicants will board our train to present their qualifications and tell us why THEY’RE the right team to build our project. Through a comprehensive evaluation process conducted by Infrastructure Ontario, our partners in this process, we will select the top three teams who will be invited to bid on our project. The selection process will consider each bid teams design, construction and financial strengths that are required to deliver a project of this size and complexity.
All these milestones are extremely important to our overall, redevelopment journey.
In early fall, we will have selected our three Bidders and continue steaming full speed towards the next milestone, the release of our Request for Proposals or RFP. Our RFP will be issued in early 2017, where we will ask the three teams to prepare and submit their designs and cost to build our project. Again, Infrastructure Ontario will guide us through an even more complex evaluation process to select our winning bidder, which will finalized in fall 2017 by another key milestone called “Financial Close”. Financial Close is the equivalent of signing the Offer to Purchase when buying a home.
The winning Bidder will be responsible for getting us to our final destination, the Ken and Marilyn Thomson new Patient Care Centre! Throughout the entire journey members of our redevelopment team will be consulting with staff, physicians, volunteers and the greater community to ensure that we stay on the right course and that the new Centre is built to meet everyone’s needs.
Ground breaking for the new Patient Care Centre project is currently scheduled to begin in early 2018. Once built, the Patient Care Centre will help us to continue providing exceptional patient care to those living in east Toronto for generations to come.
Myself and the entire Redevelopment Team, are very excited and at the same time, thankful to have been granted the privilege to be on this ride with each and every one of you. ALL ABOARD!
For more information about the RFQ release click here

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