This Little Light of Mine…

By Sarah Downey, President & CEO
A few weeks ago, I watched and listened to the staff on our Family Birthing Unit during a huddle. Like so many teams in our hospital, I was inspired not only by the knowledge and expertise shared between members, but also by the camaraderie and collaboration.
Each of us shines in our own way, bringing our individual skills to our teams. When we come together, it’s as if we set the night ablaze with a starry sky. It’s awesome to be a part of. And it’s teamwork and the ongoing commitment to make things better for our patients that makes us great.
Teamwork got us here.
I want you to look to your left and right, it’s the folks on those teams who’ve helped you get through the last few weeks as we all countdown to Accreditation. Next week when we welcome Accreditation Canada, we’ll all stand together as one.
During the four days, it may seem like you’re taking a final exam you’ve been tirelessly cramming for, but I want you to remember a few things:
First, you’ll be nervous. Who wouldn’t be? Trust me, I’m nervous too. The key will be to channel and focus that energy on the ultimate reason why we’re doing this: to ensure we’re providing the highest quality of patient care and service.
Second, the accreditors will be observing and asking you about the practices you do daily. I’m fully confident in all of you. In fact, I see and hear about the excellent care you provide each and every day.
And third, believe in not only yourself and your abilities, but also of those on your team. When the going gets tough, you know they have your back. So next week, I want you all to be proud.
This is our time to shine.
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