Have your say in what we serve

By Robert Orr, VP Redevelopment
As you’ve probably heard by now, our hospital is planning a major redevelopment. Part of the project will include an expansive new front entrance and inviting retail food service area. To help inform our plans for the redevelopment, we are asking for feedback from our staff, patients and the greater community!
As a community teaching hospital, we pride ourselves in being a health and wellness resource for East Toronto. The redevelopment team’s vision for the new Patient Care Centre is that the facility will not only promote the delivery of exceptional care, but will also satisfy the food and retail needs of our staff, patients and the greater community.
Food can be a powerful catalyst; sitting down and breaking bread together strengthens our ties as well as providing comfort in times of stress.
We want the new Patient Care Centre to be a retail hub that provides options that match our staff and community preferences and encourages friends, family and colleagues to congregate. We want to create an atmosphere that brings our communities together.
In order to achieve this vision, we need to understand the food and retail preferences of our consumers. Your response to the survey below will help us to understand how you’re currently using existing services, as well as changes and additional goods and services you would like to see in five years when the Patient Care Centre opens its doors.
Staff, Physicians and Volunteer Survey
Patients, Visitors and Community Survey
The surveys will be open until Wednesday March 2nd 2016
Thank you in advance for your participation. We appreciate your insights and observations.

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