A journey that’s never complete

By Wolf Klassen, VP Program Support
Michael Garron Hospital, formerly Toronto East General Hospital
Every year many of us make New Year’s resolutions and goals. We aim to change old habits, start new endeavors and make improvements. We strive to be better. At the hospital, we also go through a similar quality improvement process. We’re continuously striving to be better.
At MGH / TEHN we have a strong culture of improvement. We’re continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of those we serve. We revaluate and tweak our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) on a yearly basis, ensuring everyone is on the same page and that we’re on a path towards success.
Our improvement journey is never complete.
This year we have a unique opportunity to highlight the culture of improvement we have at MGH / TEHN and the great services we provide. On June 13-16 2016, we’ll be visited by surveyors from an organization called Accreditation Canada. Don’t stress, it’s not a test. Accreditation is your opportunity to shine!
To help prepare us to talk about the great work we do, Sarah Downey and I are launching a video series called The Adventures of Sarah and Wolf. These light and sharable videos will be released once every month and will highlight a major Accreditation theme. The theme for January is communication. We encourage you to share this video with your peers and start the conversation about why communication is important in healthcare.
As providers, we implement several safety measures to help keep our patients safe. These actions are embedded in what we do and are vital to the care we provide.
For instance, when a patient is admitted to our hospital we use communication to help keep them safe.


  • We consult with the patient, family members and a pharmacist to create an up-to-date medication list and understand the patient’s full medication history
  • We ask the patient for two identifiers to ensure the right patient is receiving the right care
  • We maintain ongoing communication with the patient, staff and other healthcare providers regarding the patients care plan and current status.

These interactions are just a few examples of how we use communication to ensure exceptional, seamless care. Sarah Downey and I want to say thank you for your hard work and ongoing commitment to safety and quality!
Safety is the key to quality.
Please stay tuned for more Adventures of Sarah and Wolf as well as our Dispatches from the Frontlines series.
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