2016: I’m ready for the ride…are You?

By Sarah Downey, President & CEO
Last year, around this time, I had just been named as the incoming President & CEO of our hospital.
I remember feeling nervous, excited and thrilled all at once. These feelings somehow reminded me of the times when my younger brother, Geoffrey, would drag me on a roller coaster at a theme park. He liked the thrill rides; I was a bit more cautious.
Well, when I started this Toronto East adventure, little did I know the kind of ride I’d stepped on to…2015 has been an exciting one so far!
This past year we’ve seen leadership changes, took major steps toward the start of our redevelopment project, received several awards for our work, prepared for the PanAm Games and most recently, received a $50M gift from the Garron Family – the largest donation to a community hospital in Canada. And we’ve done all of this as well as provide the best care every day.
2016 also promises much change and renewal; twists and turns.
First, in recognition of the incredibly generous donation of $50 million announced this month, we’ll be changing our name to the Michael Garron Hospital, part of the Toronto East Health Network.
And we can’t ignore the possibility of some challenges as well, such as the pending flu season, continued funding constraints and possible changes to the system of healthcare delivery in Ontario.
But I know at this hospital, when we’re faced with adversity, we collectively pull together and roll up our sleeves. That’s the way it’s always been at our hospital. And that won’t change.
We need your talent, guidance and continued support as we embark on an exciting new journey – a new ride – to develop a network that we believe has the potential to make East Toronto the healthiest community in Canada.
On behalf of my Senior Team colleagues, Carmine Stumpo, Wolf Klassen, Ian Fraser, Irene Andress, Ralph Fernando, Robert Orr and Mitze Mourinho, thank you for all you have done to make this hospital great. We know you’ll continue to help us set new standards of excellence under our new name, both inside and outside the hospital walls. As with every holiday season, the Senior Team traditionally releases a greeting video. Enjoy…and have a “Rockin’ Holiday Season and New Year!”

Looking forward to sharing 2016 with all of you. A new adventure awaits. I’m ready for the ride, are you?

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