Dispatches from Outside our Hospital Walls

By Carmine Stumpo, VP Programs
Rain or shine…on any given day, you’re likely to find Risha Raja, an occupational therapist out and about in our community.
She’s part of our Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) at Toronto East General Hospital. They’re a dedicated, inter-professional team of nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and physicians.
Our ACTT helps some of the most vulnerable people in East Toronto. And it’s just one of several TEGH community-based programs that really does bring care closer to home.
As Vice President, Programs at TEGH I have the privilege of working with all clinical areas. Everyday, I see tremendous compassion and commitment in the patient care we provide across the entire spectrum of age and illness within TEGH.
So why am I talking about what goes on outside our hospital walls?
Because it’s a very different world outside our walls.
And it’s equally important to know and understand how we work with our partners, so that our efforts as a hospital extend well into the community. It’s about creating a strong network of community services.
Shadowing Risha, I saw firsthand how a strong network of community services ensures that folks – like many of ACTT’s clients – will rely less on our Emergency Department.
In simple terms: a strong, supportive community network will be able to catch our most vulnerable before they slip through the cracks.
As care increasingly shifts to the community, we’ll have to rely on innovative partnerships and our current partners to provide that supportive network.
Whether you work inside or outside our hospital walls delivering care, we’re all in this together. We’re all united by the fact that we’re here to provide the best care for our patients and their families.
It keeps our community healthy – and happy.
I’ve realized that I really need to get out more. And I can’t wait. In the meantime, please watch my first of Dispatches from outside our Hospital Walls.
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