Making sure we’re all in the same boat…

By Robert Orr, VP Redevelopment
I’ve always found projects fascinating.
One of my earliest memories is of my father building a 19’ wooden sailboat in our living room when I was 6 years old. I would sit and watch him for hours meticulously planning and gluing the wood boards so they fit together perfectly. I also remember being puzzled that my mother was a lot less enthralled about the whole thing than I was. It was probably my earliest lesson in project management: If you want happy stakeholders, you better make damn sure everybody is “in the boat” so to speak….
The Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre (aka New Patient Care Tower) will be the largest redevelopment project in TEGH’s 86 year history. Although our redevelopment journey will be long, and at times disruptive – another year of planning followed by six years of heavy construction and renovation – it will be worth it!
This project will forever change our organization and the care we provide to our community.
Large health care projects like this come along once in a lifetime, so it’s very important that we get it right. Our redevelopment team has been working hard to ensure the building design will meet our needs both now and for generations to come.
One of the ways we make sure the design is right is by soliciting lots of feedback. For those clinical staff who have attended our many planning sessions or visited our mock-up rooms, thank you! Your contribution is much appreciated and essential to this process. We’re also striving to have ongoing consultations with patients, neighbours and local community groups to collect their comments and incorporate their ideas into plans for the project.
By partnering with the people we serve we’re strengthening our ties and bringing us closer as a community.
As Sarah Downey, CEO said, it takes a village…
The redevelopment team is also striving to minimize future construction risks. One way we’re doing this is by making sure there are no surprises behind the walls or above the ceilings. You may have noticed an increase in workers on ladders looking into ceiling spaces or stalking the basement hallways following pipes and wires. These consultants are proactively mapping out the intricacies of our existing hospital to identify conditions that could cause problems during our project’s demolition, construction and transition.
The process ahead is a long but exciting one. Collectively we have an opportunity to design and build a facility that will support the best patient centered care for our community. If you have any questions or need help getting onboard the redevelopment project, please email . The redevelopment team and I look forward to setting sail with you!
Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre (High Res)

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