A New Way to Communicate with You

A New Way to Communicate with You

By Sarah Downey, President & CEO

At Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) we’re used to trying different ways of doing things; it’s part of our culture of innovation. We also strive to keep one another informed of the great work that happens across this hospital and within the healthcare system.

In this spirit, I’d like to introduce TEGHblog.com, our new social platform for interacting and engaging with you; our staff, our patients and our community. The blog will give you an opportunity to get to know me, your leadership team and to hear from other opinion-makers and experts at TEGH. TEGHblog.com will also provide a venue for sharing stories, experiences and thoughts that are meaningful to our many audiences.

I’m proud to work in a “social” hospital, one that is actively engaged on social media. Connecting with all of you and meeting you where you are means a lot. Over the last little while we’ve made waves for our online accessibility and for Tweeting collectively as a team. The TEGHblog.com will take our online profile one step further, in more than 140 characters, and provide a place where more in-depth communication and conversation can occur.

This blog also belongs to you. We want to hear from you and will be asking for your feedback and suggestions of topics you would like us to blog about down the road. Knowing that many of our staff, physicians and volunteers won’t have easy access to our blog during working hours, blog postings will also be published in the In General and sent via an internal broadcast message.

I’d love to hear what you think about this and what you might like to see on TEGHblog.com in the future @SarahEDowney1; community@tegh.on.ca.

Stay tuned!  My next blog comes out in two weeks.